Just a few more days and our family is headed for sunny, HOT Palm Springs.

I can’t recall if I have been to Palm Springs in July, however I expect it will be like Vegas in July – really, really hot. Fortunately there is air conditioning and we have a pool!We’ll be going down to California to take the kids to Disneyland and California Adventureland and to continue to do some work on our new place in Palm Springs. My husband and I were down in May working on the house–it was a two week entirely-working vacation, with the exception of the odd nice dinner and movie out. jacinto-view
View of the San Jacinto Mountains from Palm Springs Vacation Pad

I guess what we love about the house most is the sense of spaciousness you feel in the entrance and great room, the travertine floors (big selling feature!), the large lot, and the view of the majestic San Jacinto mountain range. There are details like the large Olive Tree in the front yard, the sweet Meyer lemon tree in the back yard, and of course the big pool and spa which I can’t wait to see the kids jump into–which I’m sure they will do quickly in the 100+ degree heat.

The Joy of Bringing a House to Life

Despite the rather dauntingly rigorous process of buying the home and going through escrow in what turned out to be an insanely busy real estate market, I love bringing a house to life. Apparently no-one had lived in our Palm Springs Vacation Pad for over a year and half. It was surprisingly empty of cobwebs, but still needed a thorough cleaning in all its corners.

The house was buzzing with plumbers, gardeners, cable installers, housekeepers, security installers, pool guys, furniture and Craigslist deliverers, and a frenzy of people that were genuinely friendly and helpful.

That is one thing about Palm Springs: people are almost always happy and laid back; it is a vacation destination and so far removed from LA. You can’t help but be in a good mood when you are there, meeting the friendly faces that are just happy to live in the sunshine–all year long.

On our first trip we ended up finding the best deals at Lowes, which is a short drive from our house. We compared pricing at Home Depot which was across the street, but Lowes had better prices on all our big purchases, and they could deliver in one to a few days. We purchased all our appliances there and carpet for all the bedrooms. Also, the people at Lowes were just so friendly–I felt like I wanted to invite them back for dinner.

Photo of some of the flowers in the garden common to the desert: Does anyone know the name of these? I am calling it yellow mini daffodil tree for now – it blooms all year.   yellow-flowers.jpg

We bought most of our Palm Trees at Home Depot because they had a great 60% off sale.  In total we got 6 Mexican Fan Palms which are supposed to grow 2 to 3 feet a year…we shall see. We also had our new landscaper, the amazing Fernando and his team, plant about 6 Queen palms, which I think will really start to add that Palm Springs character to the place over the next few years as they grow. It will be fun to return every few months and see the growth in the garden.

The landscaping was probably the biggest expense surprise, and of course there are always a few. However, the garden and the pool is where you want to spend most of your time in Palm Springs, so we felt it was worth the investment early on.

We will be going down in a few days and do another round of painting, furniture shopping and decorating. I’m looking forward to posting again with updates!

Originally Posted by Palm Springs Vacation Pad at 6/26/2009