Be Sure to Check Out VillageFest if you are in Palm Springs on a Thursday night!

Take a stroll through the Thursday Night Market in Palm Springs and enjoy  music, entertainment, and great eats like chocolate covered bananas and snow cones!

Also known as “VillageFest” the market is only a 5-minute drive from Palm Springs Vacation Pad, and one of the fun, nearby things to do on your vacation.

VillageFest takes place on Palm Canyon Drive every Thursday night for free! The street is closed to traffic so pedestrians can roam through the various vendor stands offering everything from henna tattoos to unique arts and crafts and fresh fruit.

On our last trip we took our kids (both teens) to Las Casuela’s Terraza restaurant which has a special place in my memories, as my parents took me there the first time I went to Palm Springs when I was 17. The restaurant opened in 1958 and serves traditional Mexican food in a charming restaurant, that also has a bar, dance floor, and live music. The place was happening on a Thursday in July!

The Terazza restaurant serves huge portions of the best Mexican food I have ever tasted – unbelievable burritos! Who would of thought you could love beans, peppers and onions so much? But the Cantina has Mama’s recipes perfected.

The restaurant is also really affordable. I couldn’t believe our bill: we had dinner for four plus appetizers, loaded-with-cheese nachos, 4 margaritas (two were non-alcoholic for the kids), and we took home leftovers. The total cost was $69.00, including tax. Amazing!

villagefest3.jpg As you walk along Palm Canyon Drive, look down on the sidewalk to see the “Walk of Fame” with stars for famous entertainers that live or have lived in Palm Springs. Stars like Elvis, Marilyn Monroe, Bob Hope, Frank Sinatra – and Cheeta from the original Tarzan movie who is still alive in Palm Springs today at age 72 – line the streets.

If you are looking for a good party, the Village Pub is the place to go on Thursday nights or the weekends. The Village Pub has multiple TVs playing sports every afternoon and night–It has an international reputation as an awesome bar!

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Posted by Palm Springs Vacation Pad at 7/16/2009