Progress Furnishing Palm Springs Vacation Pad! 

As I type this I am sitting at the bar (pictured) with my laptop. This has become my fave place in the house for surfing online. There is a nice view of the pool and the garden from this location. The brown swivel lounge chairs in front of me are a great place to chill with a cool drink and watch the family play in the pool.

I picked up the swivel chairs at the Estate Sale Company. I just can’t say enough good things about this awesome consignment store!

We had a great vacation this trip and took the kids to Disneyland, which is just a 1.5 to 2 hour drive from Palm Springs. This was our teenagers’ first time in Palm Springs and it was so great to see them swimming in the pool and enjoying the local activities like the Thursday Night Street Market and the great local dining and shopping.The family has gone home now and I have stayed a couple of extra days to work on renos and get more furniture. Once again, I lucked out at the Estate Sale Company. I’ve written about this place before on this blog – it is this HUGE quality furniture and art consignment store (and jewelry too – although I haven’t checked that out – yet [note to husband]). The store itself is comprised of four separate buildings on one city block in Palm Springs, on Hwy 111 – so it is easy to find.

The store is run very efficiently. If you see a piece of furniture you like, you can hold it for one hour (yes! only 1 hour) by asking the staff to put a green sticker on the piece, with your name on it, and the time. When you decide to purchase something, they will call to get a delivery quote for you from a reliable local mover, or you can arrange to move the furniture yourself.

Large sectional, glass and metal coffee table and Framed Koi oil painting – from the Estate Sale Company.
On this trip we also picked up this great glass and metal coffee table that works well the sectional we bought on our last trip. We also found this fabulous Koi original oil painting by Pauline – or Pauling (can’t quite read the signature). I haven’t decided if I like the frame yet, but it kind of helps blend the Tex-Mex fireplace in with the balance of the modern and contemporary decor.

Apparently there were a few of these Koi paintings, but the ones with black frames (that I would have preferred) had already sold. Nevertheless, we really love these Koi, it reminds use of Hawaii and makes the house feel a little more tropical. Someone’s art collection now has a happy new home!

Posted by Palm Springs Vacation Pad on 7/13/2009