There’s nothing like a private home office!
One of the aspects we really liked about this vacation home was that we could offer guests a private office where they could close the doors and focus on work for an hour or more – if they had to work on vacation! The office has French doors which open into the foyer and there is a large window with views to the front garden. There is also wireless Internet access – so you can work here or anywhere in the house or property (or garden) that you choose.

We wanted to create a clean space and combine elements of traditional (the desk) and modern pieces (the lounge chair). My friends say it looks like a psychiatrist’s office, but hey – you can either snooze or work in this office – and no-one has to know!

Furniture Sources for Springs Vacation Pad – Private home office with natural light.
Desk and modern lounge chair from the Estate Sale Company. Photos of Venice from HomeGoods. Light fixture from Lowes. Office Chair from Office Depot – All in Palm Springs. CA.

Posted by Palm Springs Vacation Pad on 7/13/2009